Will English Writing Die Out?

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Question markThe English language is constantly transforming. Not everyone fully appreciates the language and respect its rules. In different social groups, slang and other languages have changed the way English is spoken. This may influence the future in terms of how many will pursue a career in writing, as well how many will properly appreciate a sound English knowledge in magazines and news reports.

One of the resulting questions is: Where will the future of literature come from?

There’s no unity

The public at large is not unified in how English is written and spoken. It’s basically history repeating itself, as it’s how the language progressed to where it is today. It’s all about assimilating and discarding. Adding new words and getting rid of old ones.

One of the dangers of this is that some of the basic principles of the language could be disregarded and the standards in writing will become lower. Some universities may refuse to accept applications for English course because of poor performance in school (academic studies of English require a high understanding of the language).

In some social circles, people ignore the basic principles of English. A critic might say that the English language is regressing in some places. It means that more young people will learn these differing styles, which would affect their performance at school, and later at university, as well as at work. That would mean a lower likelihood of professional writers emerging from these circles.

It breaks down a shared understanding of the language. A language’s foundation is that it’s a shared system. Everybody understands its rules and that’s how misunderstandings are avoided. Books, magazines and news stories might find a lesser audience in some social circles because of the lack of understanding of some principles of English.

The issue is that the lack of a shared system creates misunderstanding between people and slows down and disrupts the whole process of communication.

Defy the conditions

Ultimately you might say, ‘You won’t find a writer in that crowd.’ But there are always individuals who go against the norm. Writers can emerge from all kinds of backgrounds. While they may find themselves alone in their understanding of English, their passion drives them to improve their skills and realize their potential.

There’s hope for you writers out there. Maybe you come out of a group that doesn’t appreciate good language and writing. But as long as you push yourselves, you won’t be held back by your circumstances.


Written by David Hendricks

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