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Should You Try Collaborative Writing?

Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Stephen King and Peter Straub. What do the pairings have in common? Collaboration. Pratchett and Gaiman joined forces to write Good Omens. King and Straub joined forces to write The Talisman and its sequel Black House. All three of the books were bestsellers and were, by and large, critically well-received. […]

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How to Create a Practical Writing Environment

Let’s be honest, the definition of a good writing environment differs according to the writer. Some people, like J.K. Rowling (apparently), can knock off a best-seller in a coffee shop. Others need more peace and quiet. There are certain elements, however, that are conducive to writing no matter what your preference. We’re going to take […]

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How to Deal with Rejection Letters

The world of writing has a dark side that no one likes to talk about. It’s vicious and twisted and can do untold damage to sensitive (and even not so sensitive) souls. What’s worse is that there is no escaping it. If you want to be a professional writer you will have to overcome the […]

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14 Tips to Improve Your Writing

Do you want to write that award-winning novel, superb short story or poignant poem? Well, you can do just that with the help of these writing tips. 1. Write first, edit second Avoid the temptation to edit while you write as this will ruin your flow and stifle your creativity. You want your ideas to flow […]

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The Trick to Writing Interesting Dialogue

Creative writing is very tricky; a lot of techniques are needed to make stories exciting. The writer has to use these techniques to keep the reader hooked from beginning to end. One of the many creative writing techniques that writers can use is dialogue. Dialogue is an important part of writing fiction, but it can […]

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How to Get Over Your Writer’s Block Blues

No writer in the world can say that they have never experienced writer’s block. That dreadful moment when you are sitting in front of your computer and nothing is happening. The feeling can leave you frustrated, especially if you have a deadline coming up. Whether you are a writer of fiction or non-fiction, when the […]

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Paranormal Themes in Literature

Paranormal fiction has a big following in literature, television, and radio. People love paranormal novels because they are a way to escape from modern realities. They put forth a world unimaginable to most and allow the mind to wonder off into spaces and galaxies not usually occupied by humans. Just imagine a world where there […]

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Epilogues & Prologues: What Purpose do They Serve?

Do you still feel like there is something missing from your book? Maybe adding an epilogue or prologue could do the trick. Writers (and readers) have conflicting views about the necessity of having prologues and epilogues. Some writers feel that both are unnecessary, while others feel like one or the other is good to have, […]

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Your Life in Words: How to Write an Autobiography

An autobiography is a self-written book that tells the story of the author’s life. Autobiographies are often mistakenly considered to be the same as memoirs, which is not the case. An autobiography covers the writer’s life in its entirety (to the point of publication) while a memoir covers a certain memorable period of the writer’s […]

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Tricks of the Freelance Writing Trade

Studying journalism does not make a good writer. There are many more tools a good writer needs that do not include a degree. Making it into the journalistic world takes persistence, perseverance, and talent and good timing. Everybody thinks they are a writer at some point, whether it is a desire to publish a recipe […]

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