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Should You Try Collaborative Writing?

Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Stephen King and Peter Straub. What do the pairings have in common? Collaboration. Pratchett and Gaiman joined forces to write Good Omens. King and Straub joined forces to write The Talisman and its sequel Black House. All three of the books were bestsellers and were, by and large, critically well-received. […]

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Does Literature Still Have a Place in the World?

Is it still worth it to write a book? Some people might say not in today’s times. There’s too much competition. The opposition to literature has changed a great deal, especially in this century when movies have become even better with special effects and occasionally good acting. There’s also the internet which has brought about […]

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The Dangers of Messing with Destiny

Writing a story that involves prophecy or destiny can get messy. The main problem is that you might end up sounding like every other prophecy that has ever been written. For example, ‘promised ones’ and doomsday prophecies have been done almost to death. What you need to do is branch away from the typical idea […]

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