Types of Publishing

When people talk about becoming a published writer, it’s generally assumed that they’re talking about publishing a novel that they’ve been working on for years. What people don’t realise is that being published isn’t limited to fiction or non-fiction books, but that it also includes magazine, newspaper, online and ebook publishing. Letters to the editor and blog comments aren’t included, but editorials and, technically, blog posts are.

Technically doesn’t always cut it in publishing circles, however, where old-school publishers won’t even consider electronic publishing as legitimate, let alone blog posts – and you can forget about self-publishing.

But, we live in a digital age, which means that publishing companies have to get with the programme and accept that the industry now incorporates many more different types of publishing than before.

Different types of publishing companies

When people say, “publishing company,” what is the first thing you think of?

You probably think of the major publishing companies that publish books by famous authors like Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and Terry Pratchett.

You probably won’t think of all the small publishing companies (also known as boutique publishing houses) that specialise in niche books, such as art, children’s books and recipes. More of these boutique publishers are cropping up, as demand for niche books grows and writers realise that they have a greater chance of getting their books published if they approach a small publishing company. Small publishing houses are also great if you only need a small print run or you only want to reach a local audience.

Big publishing companies don’t necessarily specialise in a particular niche, but may have different departments that publish different genres, such as fantasy, romance, non-fiction and even poetry. It’s more difficult to secure a publishing deal with a big company, but you are almost guaranteed a bigger print run and placement in most major book stores, perhaps even nationally and internationally.

Then there are mega publishing companies (or groups), which may publish a number of different magazines, academic journals and newspapers.

There are publishing companies that specialise in, textbooks, comic books and graphic novels, and there are publishing companies that specialise in self-publishing – print and ebooks.

The world of publishing is vast indeed. So, we look at some different types of publishing, and how you can succeed in getting your work published.