Publishing Guide

The world is full of aspiring writers. To be honest, some are more talented than others, but they all share one common dream: to be published. Our publishing guide is intended to answer some of the questions that newbies have about how to find publishers and how to generate interest in their books.

Types of Publishing

The ultimate goal for writers is to publish at least one book. It’s a very difficult goal to achieve, even if you’re talented enough to be considered the Shakespeare of your time. Fortunately, there are many different publishing platforms that help you build a portfolio of credible work; a portfolio which may be enough to convince publishers to give you a chance.

Publishing options include:

  • Online publishing – in the form of blogging and guest blogging.
  • Online publishing – in the form of ebooks.
  • Self-publishing – in the form of ebooks or printed books. Self-publishing used to be called vanity publishing, but the term has fallen away as more self-publishers(especially businesses)publish books for value rather than for ego.
  • Magazine publishing – in the form of freelance articles or opinion pieces.
  • Short story publishing – contributing to a collection of short stories. One of the best ways to get your foot in the door is to enter short story writing competitions, where the first prize is often inclusion in either a magazine (for a particular niche) or in an anthology.

Publishing Questions

We will endeavour to answer some common questions about getting published, such as:

  • Will I need a literary agent?
  • How do I choose a publishing house?
  • How do I ensure that my book is ready to be submitted to a publisher?
  • How do I write a cover letter that will pique a publisher’s interest?
  • What can I expect to earn?
  • What about copyright?
  • How to handle rejection
  • How exactly do I go about self-publishing? This has many subsections, such as:
    • Will I need an editor/proofreader?
    • Can I use self-publishing software or should I use a self-publishing company?
    • How much does self-publishing cost?
    • How do I market my self-published book?
    • What are the advantages of self-publishing?
    • Should my book be exclusively available online, or should I also give it a print run?
    • How much should I charge for my book?
    • How do I go about publishing ebooks on e-readers, such as Kindle and iPad?

Our Aim

We aim to become one of the most comprehensive free publishing guides, answering questions, providing practical advice, listing valuable resources and adding to our directory of publishers (books, magazines and online publishing houses) around the world.

As the world of publishing changes and adapts to new technology, our guide remains a work in progress, but our passion makes it a labour of love.