Online Publishing Could Become the Only Option

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PublishingPrint publishing has not vanished with the advent of e-books, as well as e-readers and tablets. There are still many people who prefer the feel of a book and the experience of reading print, and they are totally averse to reading text off a screen. But in today’s times, there’s also an economic crisis, as well as increasing environmental concerns. Could it be that in the future, either because of lack of funds or lack of resources, we could see the end of print publishing?

Online publishing and e-books have their limitations, especially regarding copyright and illegal sharing. But with the growing capacity of technology, could online publishing become more secure? Already someone websites having settings in place that allow blog writers to control who sees their blog.

If the economy doesn’t improve, what will happen to print?

Anyone can see nowadays how the state of the economy has affected the price of almost all resources. The cost of printed material has also increased over the years. A few years ago, to buy a comic that was shipped from the United States of America did not put much of a dent in your pocket. But now the cost of comics have increased so much, that eventually some day we would see publishers opting to only publish digital comics in order to save on cost.

The fear of environmental activists could be realized

The greatest fear of environmental activists, which is reflected in fiction, is the complete consumption of all of earth’s resources. That would mean that all the trees of earth would have been cut down, seeing the end to the production of paper. Print publishing would lose a vital resource, and the publication of printed material would be crippled.

Online printing could become the only remaining option for publishers

Of course online publishing is not perfectly secure, currently. But with the growing need to save money and avoid overusing dwindling resources, publishers might push for technology to reach the stage where online publication could be totally secure from illegal copying and distribution. If that happened, online publishing would become the most reasonable and economic option.

It may not be the reality now, but it’s a possibility

Of course there are those that combat the economic crisis with various policies and strategies, as well as those countries that support the fight against the environmental crisis. But not all are successful; plus there are those that simply don’t care. So maybe print publishers will stick to their strategies for the next ten years, with the state of economy and the environment, nothing is certain.


By David Hendricks

Image credit: mediamolecule, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, via Flickr


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