Does Literature Still Have a Place in the World?

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Greek literatureIs it still worth it to write a book? Some people might say not in today’s times. There’s too much competition. The opposition to literature has changed a great deal, especially in this century when movies have become even better with special effects and occasionally good acting. There’s also the internet which has brought about blog writing, which anyone can do. How do you stand out from that?

There are factors that support literature’s continuing success.

Yes, literature does have competition; pretty heavy competition. But some of that competition exists because of literature. And some of that competition can’t even be called competition.

Here is why literature is not dying, and authors (quality authors, that is) still have a place in this world.

Literature serves a purpose

Movies today have extremely good special effects, and the acting’s pretty good some times (but it’s rarely exceptional). But where’s the source material coming from? Some of the screenplays are original, and some are original stories based on source material, such as real life events and history, and some are based on literature.

If literature didn’t exist, it would leave a huge hole in movies’ source material. Plenty of movies owe their storylines to books, indirectly if not directly. The best example is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. That movie wouldn’t even exist today if JRR Tolkien had not decided to write the book.

Blogs – the latest battleground

Blog writing has made it easier for people to voice their opinions, their experiences, their expertise, and their advice. Many people have become writers because of blogging. Some of them write quality blogs, which entertain and inform. But not everyone is good at writing. Some need extra practice, others needed to pay better attention in school and university. So, how is that competition for literature?

But then come the authors, the novelists and the poets. It’s not easy for them to break into the scene, but when they do, their work becomes the best.

Don’t forget the audience

There are still a large number of people who love to read. Reading is a passion for some. Some also want to be writers like you. You could be someone’s inspiration. Weren’t you inspired to write by an author? Ultimately, you don’t write for the readers, but your work survives because of them.

You’ve still got a story to write

Carry on writing. It is worth it. Yes, there are other mediums out there. They all have an audience. But so does literature. Blogs rarely ever inspire movies. Wouldn’t you be curious to see if your book ever got to be adapted into a movie? Where would movies be without literature? That book you’re writing? There will be people who want to read it.


Written by David Hendricks

Image credit: Helder da Rocha, CC-BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr


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