Challenges in Completing a Novel

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Write anywayYou make think that you have done everything you need to complete your novel, but chances are good there are still some factors which will make finishing your novel a challenge.

It takes more than just an idea

You may find you have a brilliant idea. Your idea can be anything from a piece of the story to a random scene you imagined. But as soon as you put pen to paper, you find that your ideas have dried out.

Every good story has a soul

The idea is just the seed of your story. It needs a place in which to grow. It depends on other elements, for example, an integral part of any story is its theme. Aaron Shepard says, “A theme is something important the story tries to tell us—something that might help us in our own lives.” The theme is something that infuses the story and drives the idea.

The idea needs to go somewhere

Your idea won’t go anywhere unless it has a set destination. That’s why the plot is important to the story.

Your story needs a map

They way in which you lay out your story also determines its success. Lee Masterson (Writing World) says that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A successful plot depends largely on how you choose to relate the events in your novel.

Your characters need to be moulded

If you want a good story, the main character some serious thought. The most popular characters are those readers relate to; it’s what keeps them reading. Readers should become emotionally invested in the characters. Even the bad guy needs attention because if you can’t get readers to hate your villain, they won’t be interested in seeing him/her defeated.

The time and the place

You need to give your story a world or a time in which to exist. This helps to frame the story. It can also be an extension of the theme and is essential to the plot.

The language needs to have style

Pay attention to the language in your story. This relates to your writing’s style and tone. The tone is especially important, according to a blog post by David Hood. Hood says that tone lends to the story’s overall mood or atmosphere.

As you can see, writing a novel is no simple task. Like most successful ventures, planning the elements is essential.


Written by David Hendricks

Image credit: Sharon Brogan, CC BY-NC 2.0, via Flickr


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