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Latest Releases: 30 September 2013

It’s that time of year when book lovers start compiling their Christmas shopping lists. To help the process we look at some of the latest releases from Amazon and Waterstones. Amazon Doctor Sleep – Stephen King Any new release from King is a big event in the publishing world, but seeing as how Doctor Sleep […]

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News, Events and Anticipated New Releases

Sales Big news in South Africa’s book world is the sale of major book chain Exclusive Books and national text book provider Van Schaik Bookstores. According to Business Report, the two chains now largely belong to a consortium that is led by Medu Capital. The consortium bought out Times Media Group to the tune of […]

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What’s New in the Book World?

The big news is the announcement of the shortlist for the Man Booker Prize. This year’s shortlist has generated more excitement than usual, due its diversity. For starters, all of the authors are of different nationalities, which is a first. Four of the nominees are women, demonstrating the growing respect for women’s contribution to literature. […]

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Featured Author: Dan Simmons – Cross-Genre Master

Dan Simmons has been a published novelist since 1985. His first novel, Song of Kali, went on to win the World Fantasy Award in 1986. It was the first of many, many awards. In his early years, Simmons was – fairly – compared to Stephen King. His novel Summer of Night (published in 1991), in […]

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Epilogues & Prologues: What Purpose do They Serve?

Do you still feel like there is something missing from your book? Maybe adding an epilogue or prologue could do the trick. Writers (and readers) have conflicting views about the necessity of having prologues and epilogues. Some writers feel that both are unnecessary, while others feel like one or the other is good to have, […]

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Romance – To Be, Or Not To Be

It used to be the norm to have romantic elements in classic literature. Even today, some people still love the stereotypical romance in film and in books. If they heard there was no love interest involved, they would instantly lose interest. Romance in literature is as alive as ever, although the sub-genres of literature today […]

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Spice Up Your Story with Literary Techniques

It’s been mentioned before that a lot of things go into creating a basic story. You need an idea, a progressive story, characters, settings, and good planning. Extra things to think about include genre and time, and so on. While these things may seem like a lot of work, once you get into it, the […]

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How to Write the Perfect Villain

A good villain is hard to come by. He can’t just be bad, sadistic or scary. If you don’t hate the villain, he’s probably not a good example of one. Sometimes it’s good to have a villain who inspires sadness instead of hate. He can’t be simple or easy to defeat. If you don’t give […]

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Master the Art of Horror Writing

Writing a good horror story can be quite a challenge. You might find that while you can write a sequence of events sufficient enough to result in a decently long story, you struggle to make it scary. The best horror stories create a world in which everything we accept as given is taken away and […]

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Let’s Make History!

Historical fiction is a genre that requires a lot of research. Good historical fiction that is. If you ever find yourself wanting to try your hand at this genre, be prepared for a lot of reading. Basically, when you write historical fiction, the setting in which the story happens is based on a real event, […]

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