About Us

What is there to know about publishing?

Quite a lot actually; especially when you consider the different publishing formats, the different platforms and the different mediums.

When most people think of publishing, they think of books or magazines – basically anything involving the printed word. The key word being printed.

But that’s not necessarily true.

These days, the internet is a great platform for self-publishers. The digital medium allows anyone with a smidge of computer savvy to publish their ramblings on blogs. It’s also paved the way for ebooks. Basic software will help you publish your own ebook or you can go to specific ebook publishers.

What else can you publish?

Computer software, for starters.

And while music and videos might technically not be published, they can be produced and released to a wide audience.

The point is that if you want to publish, produce and release anything you need to know how to do it and where to get it done.

House of Publishers is an online directory of international publishing houses so that you can easily find the contact details of publishers who you think might be interested in your work.

But, we’re also more than that.

Think of us as a reference; the place you come to when you’re wondering about the finicky details of getting published, like whether you need a literary agent or how to craft a letter of inquiry. And, if you want to know how to get your music and videos “published” online, well, we’ll help you with that too.