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6 Books for Your Christmas Wish List

Christmas decorations are already up in some stores, which means that it’s about time you started giving thought to what you want for Christmas, as well as what you’re going to give. It’s still way too early to laminate the list (it’s a Friends thing) but you can definitely start considering all the options out […]

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Featured Author: J.K. Rowling – Writer for All Ages

What makes J.K Rowling so special? She’s not the best writer in the world (she’s not), and the idea for Harry Potter is hardly original (Anthony Horowitz covered magical school in Groosham Grange in 1988). The thing that makes her so special is her ability to tell a ripping story. Storytelling is a gift, and […]

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Self-help Books: Friend or Foe?

Do you own a self-help book? There’s no shame in it, so be honest. Chances are pretty good that you do. You may not have bought it for yourself, and you may have hidden it behind a complete collection of Ernest Hemingway, but that doesn’t change the fact that you have one. According to an […]

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