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Tips for Effective Editing

  The importance of editing cannot be stressed enough. Judicious editing can turn a bad piece of writing into a passable piece of writing, and an average piece of writing into a good piece of writing. It’s best to get someone else to edit your work as they will be more objective, but for those […]

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The Art of the Interview

  It goes without saying that interviews are a cornerstone of journalism. The quotes you get from an interview will either bring your piece to life or cause readers to get bored. It’s all very good and well to be able to write brilliantly, but if you don’t know how to conduct an interview properly […]

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The Trick to Writing Interesting Dialogue

Creative writing is very tricky; a lot of techniques are needed to make stories exciting. The writer has to use these techniques to keep the reader hooked from beginning to end. One of the many creative writing techniques that writers can use is dialogue. Dialogue is an important part of writing fiction, but it can […]

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Let’s Get Cooking: Tips for Writing a Cookbook

Many people have a passion for food and cooking. If you have that passion and have been thinking about writing a cookbook, maybe this is a good time to start. Cookbook writing may seem like a simple task, but actually it is not. Writing a good cookbook does not mean simply putting pages and pages […]

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Why Writing Conferences and Seminars are Important

Seminars and conferences are great networking tools and can expose you to people from all around the world. Sharing ideas is never a bad thing and so going to conferences should never be seen as a waste of time. Seminars and conferences may not be appealing to some writers, as they feel that they are […]

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How to Organise a Book Launch

Your book is finally done, phew! After so much work, a pat on the back is well deserved. But after a book has been published, other great tasks are on the horizon; those of marketing, distribution and generating good PR for the book. Some publishers offer to give their writers free marketing and PR, while […]

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How to Get Over Your Writer’s Block Blues

No writer in the world can say that they have never experienced writer’s block. That dreadful moment when you are sitting in front of your computer and nothing is happening. The feeling can leave you frustrated, especially if you have a deadline coming up. Whether you are a writer of fiction or non-fiction, when the […]

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A Self-Publishers Guide to a Decent Book Cover

Self-publishing is not an easy task and requires a lot of time and patience. Anyone who decides to self-publish a book deserves a round of applause. The amount of work that goes into writing the book, working on the cover art, the publishing, distribution and marketing is enormous. How many of you have actually bought […]

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How to Identify Motif for the Purpose of Literary Criticism

What is motif? No, it’s not a decorative design or pattern; not the motif up for discussion here, that is. We’re talking about it in the literary sense. Unsurprisingly, there are similarities with the literal and figurative versions of the word – they are both patterns of sorts. The one is a pattern one can […]

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