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How to Submit Work to a Literary Magazine

There are thousands of literary magazines out there. The topics covered differ, from ones that only publish creative works to magazines that publish review articles, interviews, and other non-fiction works. There are numerous reasons why you should start submitting your work to these publications. Apart from being good exposure, building you a readership, and adding […]

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Paranormal Themes in Literature

Paranormal fiction has a big following in literature, television, and radio. People love paranormal novels because they are a way to escape from modern realities. They put forth a world unimaginable to most and allow the mind to wonder off into spaces and galaxies not usually occupied by humans. Just imagine a world where there […]

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Do Authors Really Need Their Own Websites?

As an author, do you really need a website? The quick answer to that question is: Yes! A website is hugely beneficial to your career as a writer, but there are also several other reasons why you need a website that best describes your work and who you are. Having a really good and clear […]

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Epilogues & Prologues: What Purpose do They Serve?

Do you still feel like there is something missing from your book? Maybe adding an epilogue or prologue could do the trick. Writers (and readers) have conflicting views about the necessity of having prologues and epilogues. Some writers feel that both are unnecessary, while others feel like one or the other is good to have, […]

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How to Write a Long-Lasting Short Story

Creative writing is probably one of the hardest forms of writing to get right. Fiction always has to capture the imagination of the reader and be able to transport the reader to wherever in world the writer is taking them. Writing short stories might be harder because writers have fewer words in which to tell […]

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How to Open Your Own Publishing House

Do you want to start a publishing house but aren’t too sure how to go about it? Don’t worry, because starting a publishing house may not be as difficult as you think, especially now, with technology working to our advantage. With the internet always ready to lend a helping hand, your dream of starting a […]

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Your Life in Words: How to Write an Autobiography

An autobiography is a self-written book that tells the story of the author’s life. Autobiographies are often mistakenly considered to be the same as memoirs, which is not the case. An autobiography covers the writer’s life in its entirety (to the point of publication) while a memoir covers a certain memorable period of the writer’s […]

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