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Romance – To Be, Or Not To Be

It used to be the norm to have romantic elements in classic literature. Even today, some people still love the stereotypical romance in film and in books. If they heard there was no love interest involved, they would instantly lose interest. Romance in literature is as alive as ever, although the sub-genres of literature today […]

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Spice Up Your Story with Literary Techniques

It’s been mentioned before that a lot of things go into creating a basic story. You need an idea, a progressive story, characters, settings, and good planning. Extra things to think about include genre and time, and so on. While these things may seem like a lot of work, once you get into it, the […]

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How to Start a Non-Profit Literary Magazine

Starting a nonprofit literary magazine may be a daunting task, but it has its rewards. If you’re a writer, or are at least passionate about writing, then you might have a shared understanding of what readers are looking for. A magazine could be a great way for you to discover writers new to the game, […]

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Does Literature Still Have a Place in the World?

Is it still worth it to write a book? Some people might say not in today’s times. There’s too much competition. The opposition to literature has changed a great deal, especially in this century when movies have become even better with special effects and occasionally good acting. There’s also the internet which has brought about […]

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Will English Writing Die Out?

The English language is constantly transforming. Not everyone fully appreciates the language and respect its rules. In different social groups, slang and other languages have changed the way English is spoken. This may influence the future in terms of how many will pursue a career in writing, as well how many will properly appreciate a […]

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The Dangers of Messing with Destiny

Writing a story that involves prophecy or destiny can get messy. The main problem is that you might end up sounding like every other prophecy that has ever been written. For example, ‘promised ones’ and doomsday prophecies have been done almost to death. What you need to do is branch away from the typical idea […]

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Literature’s Hidden Messages

Have you ever realized that literature is a form of communication? Fiction and non-fiction tell a story. Sometimes fiction influence the future, will in a way. Poetry tells a story or communicates the inner feelings of a poet. Often, the true communication within literature is the theme which dominates it. It can be the hidden […]

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Originality in Poetry

Poetry requires originality, just like any other type of writing. This has to extend to every aspect of your poem. The techniques you use will, in all probability, not be original. So, you have to find some other way to stand out. Here’re some tips to help you tap into your creative well. Read a […]

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