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How to Write the Perfect Villain

A good villain is hard to come by. He can’t just be bad, sadistic or scary. If you don’t hate the villain, he’s probably not a good example of one. Sometimes it’s good to have a villain who inspires sadness instead of hate. He can’t be simple or easy to defeat. If you don’t give […]

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Think Before You Write

Before you start writing a book you need to decide what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it. It’s helpful to do this at the beginning because you may find once you’ve read your finished work you might want to change a large number of things. So deciding at the beginning […]

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Master the Art of Horror Writing

Writing a good horror story can be quite a challenge. You might find that while you can write a sequence of events sufficient enough to result in a decently long story, you struggle to make it scary. The best horror stories create a world in which everything we accept as given is taken away and […]

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Let’s Make History!

Historical fiction is a genre that requires a lot of research. Good historical fiction that is. If you ever find yourself wanting to try your hand at this genre, be prepared for a lot of reading. Basically, when you write historical fiction, the setting in which the story happens is based on a real event, […]

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Transport Your Readers to a New World

There are many challenges when it comes to writing science-fiction or fantasy. One of these challenges includes the creation of an alternative world or universe. Creating an alternative world requires a great deal of planning and thought. But if you put in enough work you can create an alternative world that readers will find interesting […]

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Keep Your Story from Fading Away

You started writing a book a few years ago. You had a plan for how you wanted to structure the story and where it was going to go. It was going well for a month. You wrote a few chapters easily and you had fun doing it. So, why haven’t you finished it yet? Yes, […]

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Take Note if You Want to be Taken Seriously as a Poet

Let’s say you’re an aspiring poet. If friends, family and some acquaintances think your poetry’s hot stuff, don’t start thinking you’ve got what it takes to be published. The world you’re trying to enter might just close the door in your face. If you want to get your poems published, don’t seek advice from the […]

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Online Publishing Could Become the Only Option

Print publishing has not vanished with the advent of e-books, as well as e-readers and tablets. There are still many people who prefer the feel of a book and the experience of reading print, and they are totally averse to reading text off a screen. But in today’s times, there’s also an economic crisis, as […]

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Tips for Creating Believable Dialogue

In writing a story, part of the quest is to create a believable character that people can identify with and support. Believable dialogue is necessary to build the characters and drive the plot. According to Deweese, good dialogue does three things: It’s informative. It makes characters more believable. It adds interest. Here are some tips […]

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Aspiring Writers: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

There are many aspiring authors in the world. When they look at the most successful authors of today, they may wonder how they achieved success. Some may believe that the authors are able to support themselves solely on their accumulative royalties. Because of this many new writers hold on to the belief that they don’t […]

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